Saratoga Stryders Grand Prix 2024

Saratoga Stryders Grand Prix 2024

Jan 1, 2023 - Dec 1, 2024

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The Saratoga Stryder's Grand Prix is designed to encourage more participation in club events through friendly competition and volunteer activities.

You don't have to be the fastest to participate or win a prize at the end of the year.  
    There is a mix of races designated as Special Events that count the same for all participants. 
    The competitive races are designated as Grand Prix Races and reward the top 3 in an age group with 10, 8 and 6 points.  All others will still earn 4 points!  
    The more you race, the more points you can earn.  Plus, you get to be in more Saratoga Stryder Club photos!

Announcement For 2024 Grand Prix

  • There is a new way to enter your results using our new Stryder webpage - 
    • Just enter the race information for the Special Event Race or Grand Prix Race that you completed.
  • We are starting the year off with the same races as 2023, with a few scoring changes!  
  • Most races have not been announced yet - The official Grand Prix list will be updated as we get more information.   
  • The FIRST Event for 2024 is ANY Race on New Year's Day:
                You can earn an additional 2 points IF you sign up for Saratoga First Day 5k as part of the official Saratoga Stryder's Team.

2024 Scoring Update- See below for full scoring information:
1. Most Special Events will continue to be 2 points for all participants regardless of pace.
2. You can now earn 2 Additional Points IF you run in a designated race and signed up as part of the official Saratoga Stryder's Team - 
        Race Examples: Saratoga First Day 5k, Firecracker 4, Cristopher Dailey Turkey Trot.  These events will be announced during the year.
3. Marathons and Ultras -You can now earn 3 points each for up to two events. Wow!
4. Virtual Races will count as 2 points - Run them solo or with other Stryder's or friends - Earn 2 Additional points with a donation. THANKS!

The Grand Prix will have 2 Awards:
The Grand Prix Series Award and The Grand Prix Competition Award

To be eligible for both of these Grand Prix Awards you must be an active Saratoga Stryder Club Member with current paid membership.
Both Awards will require some volunteer activity and race participation.
The Grand Prix Series Award encourages Active Club Participation for all Members regardless of their Pace.

There are several paths to earn the Series Award:
★ Complete a minimum of 6 Grand Prix Races and 2 Volunteer Activities,
★ Complete a minimum of 6 Volunteer Activities and 2 Grand Prix Race,
★ Complete a combination between the first 2 paths (3+5, 5+3, 4+4.)

The Grand Prix Competition Award recognizes the performance achievements of our members.
★ Complete at least 2 Grand Prix Races and complete at least 2 Volunteer Activities.

  1. You will compete in 10 year age groups.
  2. You earn age group points:10 points for a 1st Place Finish; 8 points for a 2nd ; and 6 points for a 3rd.
  3. All other competitors will earn 4 points for each race they complete.
  4. Some races will include Age Graded results.

★ You can earn BONUS Points for the Competition Award by completing certain Special Events. These events will be announced in the regular club email and posted on the Stryder website.
○ The year’s Special Events starts with running any race, any distance, any pace on New Year’s Day.  If you run the Saratoga First Day 5k and signed up for the Saratoga Stryders team, you will earn 2 additional points.
○ We are working on the details for 2 Stryder Virtual Races as Special Events in March/April.
○ Complete one or two Marathon or Ultras during the Grand Prix season and earn a 3 Point Bonus for each race. You earned it!
○ February’s Special Event will be a chance to try out a Snowshoe race. (2 Points)
Snowshoe races are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and test your fitness as you prepare for the Spring race season. 

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Saratoga Stryders Grand Prix 2024

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