GET NOTHING 5K #00 - Yo Daddy 5K - Mike's Back!

GET NOTHING 5K #00 - Yo Daddy 5K - Mike's Back!

Jun 16, 2024

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PLEASE NOTE: this is the first attempt at conducting a GET NOTHING 5K.  While hopefully everything will work as intended, this will be something of a practice run.  Please be patient! 😊

[We will be holding the first (TEST) Get Nothing 5K embedded in the Sombrero Sizzler practice run at Cecil Field on Sunday June 16, at 8:30am.  Run your loops to practice for the Sizzler, and in between join this free timed 5K!]

GET NOTHING 5K offers NO swag bags, NO medals, and absolutely NO shirts - just the pure, unadulterated joy of running together.  Experience the exhilaration of crossing the finish line and getting NOTHING: no cheaply made medal to gather dust, no poorly designed t-shirt to stuff in your already overflowing drawer, no pressure to compete for age group awards - just the satisfaction of knowing you ran 5 kilometers and had FUN while doing so.  Since you get NOTHING, you even need to bring your own HYDRATION.  But that's okay, because you also PAID NOTHING - GET NOTHING 5K is a FREE TIMED 5K.  🤷‍♂️


Make it whatever YOU want it to be:  you can run fast and aim for a PR if you want, but if you "win", you still get NOTHING.   Run fast, or run slow - or somewhere in between.  Do a tempo run, interval training, use it as a tune-up or shake-out, just get in a few miles for the day, or enjoy a leisurely jog with your running bestie.  Meet new friends, catch up with old ones, encourage others along the way, maybe even inspire someone to join the fun next time.  


Running together is always more fun than running alone!  😍


WALKERS are very welcome.  GET NOTHING 5K is a community event meant for everyone, regardless of pace.  There will be a designated "TURTLE" whose job is to bring up the rear.  So unless YOU volunteer for this vital task, you will never finish last!  


Since you get NOTHING to eat or drink at the finish line - no water, no chewy granola bar, not even a stinkin' banana - why not have a spontaneous social meet-up afterwards?  Go for a beverage, ice cream, or some tacos with your fellow finishers.  You earned it today!  After all you ran 5 kilometers, by gum!  


To participate: register online, check in before the start to get your bib, then wear it on your FRONT.  Timing is done manually, and that's really hard to do if you hide your bib!  There are no timing chips - everything is GUN TIME.  That means the clock starts when the GO command is given, NOT when you cross the start line.  Keep that in mind when comparing official results with your own GPS time, so no complaining later!  Depending on where we run, there may or may not be toilets available nearby... so please mind your own "business" before the start.


Let's get together to RUN, and to have some FUN - see you at the start line!  🏃 🏃‍♀️


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GET NOTHING 5K #00 - Yo Daddy 5K - Mike's Back!

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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