Dizzy Horse, A Winter Backyard Ultra

Dizzy Horse, A Winter Backyard Ultra

Dec 15, 2023 - Dec 13, 2024

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Mostly Flat

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A Winter Backyard Ultra

Starts on Friday December 13th at 10:00 am SHARP!

Run 4.167 miles every hour on the hour until only one participant remains

Hosted at the Bonneville County Exhibition Hall & Sandy Downs Park in Idaho Falls, ID

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  • BAREBACK - This race can be run "bareback" style (general indoor transition area with no aid station access, just water and bathroom access). It's cheap, but great for those who can and want to take care of themselves, but still race. $40 Registration fee during the early bird pricing. Then its $45.
  • THOROUGHBRED -  Deluxe Aid Station with Catered Food, Reserved Indoor Transition Area, Custom Dizzy Horse Hoodie, or several options in between that you can add on as you wish.
  • Regardless of whether you go Bareback or full-on Thoroughbred, once the top of the hour starts, everyone runs the 4.167 miles through the course on equal footing.

Upgrades: Select the Upgrades tab in the top menu above or CLICK HERE to purchase any additional Upgrades you didn't select when signing up for the race (T-Shirt, Hoodie, beanie, Designated Indoor Space, Deluxe Aid Station Access, Deluxe Aid Station Access for Crew, ETC.) The Upgrades are limited in number and will likely be sold out before the race. If you wait to register until the last minute, you will very likely be running "Bareback"!

  • Upgrade Costs
    • $18 T-Shirt  
    • $35 Hoodie
    • $40 Deluxe Aid Station Access During Entire Event (cost is per person)
    • $40 Reserved 10'x'10 Interior Space (includes general indoor access for participant and up to 2 crew) (only 15 available) 

START CORRAL: will be just outside the Bonneville County Exhibition Hall. You'll need to be in it before the top of each hour. At the top of each hour, you'll start off on a wandering and possibly dizzying journey through Sandy Downs park. The course will be thoroughly and completely marked so you won't stand a chance of becoming lost. The course will be about 25% grass, 20% horse racetrack, 35% dirt, 8% sand and 12% pavement (or because it's December in Idaho it could be 100% snow). The only part that isn't flat is the bit in the sand along the canal, with a lung busting climb with about 35 feet of vert. To finish in time you need only run at a 14 minute 23 second pace (although you'll want to go a bit faster to give yourself some time in transition to eat, drink, use the bathroom, etc.)  A bell will ring at 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute before the hour, letting you know that it's time to get back into the starting corral. Everyone must start at the top of the hour and stay on course until they've finished their lap or run out of time. There will also be a porta-potty at about the halfway point and heated bathrooms, you can use that porta-potty/bathroom or the porta-potties by the start corral without being DQ'd, but you can't run back to gear/food bag or get something from your crew after the bell rings until your finish your lap.

At the start of each lap, everyone who remains is tied for first, which means, you'll be in first place until you quit or it ends and you win. The race continues until only one participant remains (we call it "Last Horse Standing"). The Last Horse Standing must complete one more loop than 2nd place (the assist person), otherwise, there is no winner. Everyone who doesn't win will get a custom DNF award. We'll also have awards for making certain benchmarks, like 50 miles (12 hours), 100 miles (24 hours), etc. Winner will be declared "Last Horse Standing" and will get a special prize package! 

Deluxe aid station will be right inside the Exhibition Hall and have specialty items for food along with standard aid station fare. In addition to water, a choice of other beverages will be available. 

Crew: While the runners are out running the course, crew can refuel, relax. We'll also be close enough to town that if crew needs to run into town and get food, supplies, etc., they can quickly do that and get back before you return from your 4.167 sojourn in the desert. Eliminated runners are welcome to stay and "join" up as crew for runners still in the mix. 

Crew cannot provide any assistance to active runners while the runners are out on the loop. Including going out on/near the course to cheer them on beyond the start/finish area. 

AC UNIT: Even though the race is going to be cold, we want it to be even cooler!!! Joining the AC Unit is a one-time cost of $20, and once you are in the AC Unit you are in for life! Basically, as an AC Unit Member, your job is to go outside and cheer every runner as they come in and/or adopt orphan runners (those without crew) to make sure they are taken care of. The $20 buys your AC Unit Scarf. Then at all future Dizzy Horse events, you can earn your own AC Unit pins to put on your scarf every 3 hours you help make it cooler. For as long as you are running, crewing, volunteering, or cheering we'll count your effort. So if you are running or crewing you can jump in cheering as soon as you (or your runner) are done. Or if you aren't a runner, but want to be part of the party, you can start from hour 1 and go as long as you want. You can take breaks when needed to go home and sleep/shower/run errands and then pick back up when you return. Bring your demotivational signs, cowbells, costumes, etc. We had Santa show up for 2022! We are hoping that this will help create an amazing finish-line atmosphere throughout the race! 

The Vibe: It is a great social race that also requires strategy, a strong will, and a determination to not quit. The first several hours of the race are incredibly social (everyone starts together and takes it relatively easy), but later on in the race as the numbers start to dwindle, the race becomes an epic drama showing the human will to continue pushing past one's perceived limits. 

Sponsors: We are excited to have the support of Grit League, the Idaho Falls Trail Runners, and Teton Auto Group, in making this an event that you won't forget. Whether you come for the running, the socialization, the desire to find your limits, or the amazing party, this will be an event that you don't want to miss!

If you don't want to run but are willing to volunteer, we'd love to have your help. Please signup up to volunteer. Depending on how long you commit to volunteer, volunteer perks can include access to the Deluxe Aid station, a T-Shirt, a Hoodie, and/or future entry into the event. 

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Dizzy Horse, A Winter Backyard Ultra

Idaho Falls, ID, USA

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