Bottleneck Gallery 5k Run

Bottleneck Gallery 5k Run

Jul 10, 2024 - Aug 15, 2024

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For several years now, we’ve watched as some of the crew from Bottleneck took to running and competing in races and marathons, and we’re thrilled with how much of a positive, healthy, and communal outlet it’s been for them.

Speaking with other running/walking hobbyists in the art community, we decided to figure out a way to combine these two hobbies and communities that we love by creating a Bottleneck Virtual 5K Race.

The Bottleneck Virtual Race Series will allow collectors from all over the world to join us and participate in races that have prizes tied to Bottleneck, including Bottlebux points, exclusive medals and also potential to raise money for causes that mean a lot to us.

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Bottleneck Gallery 5k Run

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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