Bakline's McKirdy Micro (World Athletics - McKirdy Micro On the Cusp)

Bakline's McKirdy Micro (World Athletics - McKirdy Micro On the Cusp)

Oct 14, 2023

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Bakline's McKirdy Micro - Marathon

Our mission: To provide the greatest opportunity for athletes to achieve the Olympic Trials qualifying time. We know that the viable options to run a qualifying time are limited and even then, the support system for non “elite” athletes to achieve their best can be limited to non-existent. Bakline's McKirdy Micro Marathon is designed to be the best option to run fast and earn your ticket to the USATF Olympic Trials or attain the Olympic Standard. Our race will be the ONLY RACE in the country with a total "in-race" support concept in mind for all participating athletes!

Hosted at Rockland Lake State Park, this course is a 2.94 mile looped course measured by World Athletics "A" certifier, Jim Gerweck. Sanctioned and certified by USATF (USATF course certification: NY21001JRG), this race is valid for an Olympic Trials Qualifying mark. 


We are also World Athletics Certified (World Athletics Certification #USA-2023-071. This certification will allow for the Olympic Standard and National Record performances to be valid.

The location of our race is the best place in the country to host a "time trial" marathon. The looped course is flat. The road surface is conducive for fast times. We have every "controllable" action in place. The only thing left will be the weather. GENERALLY we see great mid fall mornings in the Northeast - but like anywhere else in the world - great weather is never a guarantee.

Participant Support:

  1. Every accepted athlete will have bottle support - 1 bottle per lap (starting in lap 2) - bottles provided by the athlete. (a bottle every 2.945 miles starting between 3.1 and 3.7 miles pending table placement)
  2. A full tangent line will be marked along the entire course to give the athletes a clear line of sight for the shortest possible distance. Every meter counts! Stay on the line and run 26.2 miles!
  3. A favorable, flat, and fast course - The course IS valid for an Olympic Standard (World Athletic Certificate Pending) as well as the USATF Olympic Trials Standard (USATF Sanction approved). This course is also national record eligible (international athletes are welcomed to race but travel support/hotel will not be offered).
  4. No cap on participants (so long as the athlete meets the listed standards listed below)


Our standards: 

1 - Must have run a qualifying time from January 1st 2021 through August 1st 2023. 


2:25:00 / 1:09:00 / 52:00 (10 mile) / 31:30 / 15:05


2:45:00 /1:19:00 / 59:00 (10 mile) / 34:45 / 17:15

Men/women will race together.

2 - Acceptance to the marathon will be subject to verification of performance inside of the window with a net loss of -3.30m/1000m MAXIMUM. ("Downhill" race performances will not be accepted for entry)


Why 10/14/23:

The reality is that life happens... and sometimes it happens HARD. If life happens for YOU on race day then there is still time to get your OTQ at a few other fast races before the window closes. (Applications are due by Aug 15, 2023. Late entries will not be accepted. Please note that refunds after an accepted entry will not be given if you are unable to attend our marathon.)

We recommend registering for our marathon pending the weather at races like Chicago or Berlin. Never hurts to have a back up race and to choose a more favorable day!

Please note: You will not be allowed to participate in this race if you have ever served a suspension from USADA, WADA, or any other national governing body.


Bakline's McKirdy Micro - 10K 

The McKirdy Micro 10k will be one of the fastest 10ks in the country! If you're looking to set a new personal best over the 10k distance, THIS is the event you want to run. Our course will be marked with a full tangent line over the 2.945 mile loop at Rockland Lake State Park - all you have to do is stay on the line and run 6.2 miles! Set to take place 45 minutes after the marathon, our 10k is open to athletes of all abilities! (USATF Certification pending) 

Participants are encouraged to come early to watch the Marathon and then participate in their own 10k effort!

10K Awards for Men/Women/Non-Binary

1st: $400 | 2nd: $200 | 3rd: $100

10K Awards for Masters Men/Women/Non-Binary

1st: $250 | 2nd: $100 | 3rd: $50


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Bakline's McKirdy Micro (World Athletics - McKirdy Micro On the Cusp)

Valley Cottage, NY, USA

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