Nov 5, 2022

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Our "Why" - Why do this race?  Why sign up even if you aren't free that day? 

Today, UNICEF estimates the number of orphan children to be 140,000,000. While that number is staggering in size, we believe in “doing for one, what you wish you could do for all”. By running in this race, or donating to it, you are doing your part to meet this crisis head on.

Run4TheChildren began in the Spring of 2011 as a fundraiser to help families adopting children. Many people don’t know that there is a huge financial barrier to adoption. Both local and international adoption can cost the adoptive family upwards of $30,000. There are many families who would consider adoption, but simply cannot afford it. This was on the heart of Dr. Scott Balin when he dreamed up the concept of Run4TheChildren. Each year, Run4TheChildren has brought in funds to help many families bring home their children.  Today in 2022 - we have helped 27 children find their forever family.  Celebrate with me, and let's keep growing that number!

You can do your part, by helping someone else do their part.  Adoption works best when many support the few.  So, sign up and share this race, whether or not your will be with us on Race Day.  It's that important!!  Thank you in advance!

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Katy, TX, USA

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